28.1, Middle-heavy and feeling it…

This hexagram is funny and tricky at the same time. It is variously interpreted as a ridgepole, sagging beam, etc., the main conveyed picture being that of something or someone that is caving-in, collapsing and sagging under a weight being placed on the middle of it.

Two things work against this subject, A) weak ends and supporting points and B) a strong and rigid middle that is in danger of snapping rather than gradually yielding under the weight.Suddenness seems to be an underlying image for 28, something the subject must be aware of.

In the case of this cartoon, I wanted to show a subject that is in denial of what his/her real situation is and tries to externalize the cause. The first line actually talks about somebody that places mats on the ground to support something important, thus giving an image of being gentle and careful. In this cartoon, the use of shoes appear to convey caring and gentleness for his/her persona but fails to dispel the main cause of the overweight. I believe this line changing the hexagram to 43 is a good development though. Under 43 a decision is made and the subject may overcome his current situation. The headache is alluding to the sixth line. In the meantime, denial seems to seriously affect the subject. Not finding appropriate shoes (shoes are not the real cause of the pain) will eventually give him/her a clue and set his/her mind on the right track for change.


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