33, just because, but we are going nowhere.

Oh, don’t be too concerned. I started with the background and then came up with the hexagram. It was like stamping out some weird automatic writing.

There are Three Ways, and Five Revered Mountains,
City of Light, and Supreme House.
These are places protected by the bright spirits,
As they are alone without weapons or hide-armors.
- from the “Forest” (“Lin”, 林)

(Trans. Robert Matusan-Boyler)

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52.1.6>36 – Darkness in the valley

20121225-01Just to have something to draw, the question was: What’s the prospect on the current situation with the “fiscal cliff” deliberations? I didn’t make the answer up. I’ve drawn and captioned what came out of it…


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49 to 5 – Sibling rivalry


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