Up in the Mountains of Colorado…

Ah, curiosity… From my web stats I can see there is a discussion, at a University in Colorado, about this site. Unfortunately, it is a private domain and cannot read the thread. I asked the Yi: “what’s up with that?” Below is satirized version of the answer. I rather see myself as Hex16 in this case…
Hex6 is called Conflict or Contention and describes, among other things, the bringing forward of grievances in a court of law, with all that such a situation entitles. Usually, it isn’t good for the complaining party and lines 2 and 6 deal with that aspect.
Hex16, called Enthusiasm or Delight, depicts a situation or a person that isn’t concerned about negative situations because he feels confident to achieve a positive outcome. Has many friends (can delegate and “movilize multitudes” according to the text).
So, as said in the toon, lighten up!

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