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Happy New Year!>29 A little tale of departures.

  An interesting thing happened with this drawing. I worked on it, on and off, for a few days and finished it on Saturday night, Jan/05/13. Sometimes, like in this case, I draw something and then come up with a set of hexagrams. Since I overdid it with the “art” for a comic strip, I …

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33, just because, but we are going nowhere.

Oh, don’t be too concerned. I started with the background and then came up with the hexagram. It was like stamping out some weird automatic writing. ䷠䷠三塗五岳,陽城太室。神明所保,獨無兵革。There are Three Ways, and Five Revered Mountains,City of Light, and Supreme House.These are places protected by the bright spirits,As they are alone without weapons or hide-armors.– from the …

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