On Uncertainty and the Yijing

Just recently, a fellow Yixue student, the philosopher, musician and writer, Will Buckingham, wrote a very interesting article for Aeon Magazine, titled the “Uncertainty Machine”. Here are a few thoughts that I intended to post as a comment to the article but it became too long, and I think important, to be forgotten in a […]

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Yijing Walking Paths

Something I wrote in Clarity on Nov/12/2011,  about a novel way to read hexagrams and follow “paths” amongst the lines. The text below is in a private part of Clarity but I wanted to have a record of it here also, with a date stamp. Personal information has been removed for privacy reasons.   ——————— […]

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Taming tigers

The other day I closed a circle, so to speak, when I watched an interview of Damien Echols on CBS Sunday Morning. The man was convicted–still is, actually–along with two other men, for the brutal murder of three boys in 1993. They are known as The West Memphis Three: After some new DNA evidence was […]

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