Yi-Toons Flickr Widget….

That little square thingy with my rotating Yi-Toons you see to the right of the page is available to steal. If you like it and want to include it in your page, just copy and paste the code below in your design. Get one!

<embed src=”http://www.mentalaxis.com/fl8/badgr2.swf?limit=25&framecolors=#ffffff,#535353,#000000,#000000,#e0eeff&waittime=5&framealphas=0,0,0,100,100&badgrmode=1&userid=21633004@N00&rows=5&columns=5&rolling=no&displaytime=3&framescaling=1.05,1.01,1.65,1.16″ height=”190″ width=”190″ bgcolor=”#cccccc” /></embed>

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