Some irony…

…I couldn’t help myself from noticing, albeit post-fact. Yesterday I uploaded a new Yi-Toonbased on a comment made by Lindsay, a fellow forum member, on Clarity.

Associating different smells with Yi hexagrams is an inspired idea, perhaps the most intriguing olfactory breakthrough since the invention of Smell-o-vision in 1958. I imagine walking down the street, sniffing the sweet fragrance of Hex 61, the heady aroma of Hex 44, the luscious odor of Hex 50, or the acrid smell of Hex 18. But how do hexagrams feel? Do they also have tactile qualities – heft, temperature, texture? Are some solid, some liquid, others gaseous?

If you look at the three hexagrams on top you will notice that a “sweet fragrant”hexagram (61) needs three changing lines to become a “rotting smelling” one (18), but it takes only one changing line for the “luscious odor” hexagram (50) to become rotten and smelly… That 50 depicts a cauldron, as in a sacrificial vessel but also as a vessel where foods are prepared, is not lost to the irony either.

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