Kurt Vonnegut has died…

Something I posted in Clarity about Vonnegut:

“When I first heard of the news, I searched Google as follow: Vonnegut “I Ching”

Not surprising, this came out on top…

Sam Crane posted this, this morning:

The Tao-esque quality of Vonnegut’s absurdity and satire, comes through in this excerpt of a summary of Slaughterhouse Five (Wikipedia is not my favorite source, but it will do here in a pinch):

This illogicality of human nature is brought up with the climax of the book. Ironically the climax occurs not with the bombing of Dresden, but with the execution of a man who committed a petty theft. In all of this horror, death, and destruction, so much time is taken on the punishment of one man. Yet, the time is still taken, and Vonnegut seems to take the outside opinion of the bird asking, “Poo-tee-weet?”

We can hear Chuang Tzu reply:

People think we’re different from baby birds cheeping, but are we saying any more than they are? (21)

Rest in peace.


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