On Modesty…

Allan Lian posted an interesting note about the Yijing and what really takes to study the classic: A Lifetime

It is also good to note that, while it is a good idea to read and learn about the Yi, it is also a good idea to know one’s limits in its knowledge. Many people, with a only few years of reading and using the Yi, feel otherwise compelled to, and capable of, holding debates about it with those that have spent most of their life dedicated to its study. Even those life-timers, if sincere, will tell you that they are but mere students of something that cannot be exhausted.

A touch of Ancients, Buddhas, Immortals and Zhouyi

Like any earnest and sincere student, try to remain hidden until you are ready to appear in the field, or the Kung Fu version to ‘descend the mountain’ (xia shan), so to speak, to enter into discourses with likeminded fellows. (Think of the first and second lines of Qian / The Creative) If our basics and foundations are not strong enough, we could be easily influenced by incorrect teachings of others in the World Wide Web or by some New Age translations.

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