Communication scholars gather in Taipei to discuss de-Westernizing

OMG! Watch this space and mark your calendars for when this was first posted. The Yi may be going mainstream. Our children and grandchildren will be will be talking Yi-esque and discussing its intricacies like we discuss football. We will be yawning at the whole of it, of course…

This week’s conference will attempt to sort out the universal aspects of existing communication paradigms and explore the possibility of adapting them to suit Asian cultural peculiarities. Conference participant Eddie Kuo, professorial fellow at Nanyang Technological University, calls this the “harmonizing” function.
The conference will also look at giving the nod for communication paradigms derived from the axial Eastern philosophies of Buddhism, Confucianism, Daoism, and Hinduism. It will examine, among other things, whether the Buddhist paradigm of dependent co-arising (paticca samuppada) or the Chinese Yijing paradigm of 64 hexagrams could provide the architecture for a universal communication paradigm.

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