When the student is ready…

Joel Biroco (aka Steve Marshall or vv), might be a little rough around the edges but you can count on him telling it like he sees it.

Biroco / Journal: My considered opinion on western nonduality teachings

There is an old saying, ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears.’ I’d like to rewrite this to ‘When the student has got pissed off with waiting and realised everyone is just a fucking charlatan, the teacher will still be in bed and not particularly interested in you, your hissy fits, or your wallet, but nonetheless may deign to rain down his munificent benevolence upon you, or maybe not, just depending what mood he’s in that day, and if you’re bothered about his attitude you can fuck off.’ That’s my small ad in a newsagent’s window next to the prozzies and tarot readers. Somehow, you know the genuine article when you see it. When the student is ready, you can be sure as hell that’s how the teacher will appear – if he’s any fucking good

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