English language scholarship on Japanese religious studies.

For the past couple of months, Steve Moore and I have been chasing downloadable PDF articles and sharing what we are finding out there. Most of what I’ve found will end up in the Yixue Library, which Bradford Hatcher has set up in his website, to which Steve Moore has contributed a number of articles of his own authorship.

Steve’s main interest is to find as much information as possible about Zhuge Liang. Mine is still the Yijing but in an ever branching sort of way, where I harvest almost everything that, in my mind, can remotely relate to the Yijing, be it archaeological findings or philosophical musings. With the Yijing is all in the pot, which I think is the only way to form a good idea of what that canonical animal really is. Anyone with a heartache — which seems to be the main drive behind picking up the book for the first time — can throw three coins and form a hexagram (and be as confused as ever…), but getting under the hood of it is another story altogether. It is a lifetime story.

Now, back to our linking games, Steve found this link to the Japanese Journal of Religious Studies which I find very useful and, not only has a few articles that are of great interest to me, but also for others that may be looking for a scholarly Japanese religious perspective in English.

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