Where the wild things are…

Well, talk about serendipity… I just found out, in a bit of news about a Maurice Sendak’s exhibition at the Rosenbach Museum and Library in Philadelphia that the museum houses a copy of the Yijing circa 900AD. That’s late Tang Dynasty! Pre-Zhuxi, pre-Cheng Yi, pre-Shao Yong, pre-Zhou Dunyi, pre-The biggest names in Neo-Confucianism, and it is sitting some 45 miles from home. I wonder if I could convince anybody there to make a copy or allow me to do so, white gloves and all.

‘Sendak in Spring’ weekend a raucous time for kids of all ages | Courier-Post | courierpostonline.com

Even in this hushed, climate-controlled space patrolled by docents and curators, home to incredibly rare books including a copy of the I Ching from about 900 A.D., Sendak’s characters reign, stomping by on walls, through pages and into hearts.

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  1. Jose Ikeda says:

    Hi Sparhawk,
    my name is Jose Ikeda and i play with I Jing since 1987 .
    Around 2001 when i living in Japan i found (receive) a very new way to look at the sequences, Later Heaven and Early Heaven.
    In fact what i found is the third sequence who emerges from our time to complete the three treasures (San Bao)
    One sequence to Jing – Later Heaven
    One sequence to Shen – Early Heaven
    And one sequence to Qi – Now Heaven

    Please take a look at this posts on my blog.




    José Ikeda

    • sparhawk says:

      Hi José,

      Thank you so much for your comment and links. Looks very interesting. Do you have a Bagua that shows the sequence and your/their logic for it?


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