For the “IN” crowd, Part Two

Today I received the sweetest email from Jane Schorre, one of the lady authors of “Yijing, Wondering and Wandering”. She was concerned that she might have offended me with her comments to the link to my page in their website. My reply was a rotund NO. There is no way somebody like her, a fellow, and very knowledgeable Yijing aficionado would offend me by making a remark like that, specially a remark that makes me think about my “artistic” work.

Bear with me on this. She did make me think about the cartoons and I wish I had more feedback like hers. My goal is that the cartoons work like epiphanies with somebody that has some knowledge of the Yijing; an instant recognition. If they don’t work like that, then I must be doing something wrong and assuming too much on the level of knowledge needed to read them. Obviously, I do make them to have fun with them myself, but if that was the only goal, they would be kept private. By sharing them, I want to share the “why” I think they are funny. Thus, I must figure out how can I best make them readable by all.

I certainly thank Jane for being candid. It show that she is a very real lady.

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